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The Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

The Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania (TICT) is committed to driving improvement and professionalism in the Tasmanian Tourism Industry through the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP).

This national, online, quality management program, documents your business practices and procedures; is suitable for all business types and sizes and can be used as a business development tool that supports reliability, consistency and predictability in the operation of your business. In turn this brings improved customer service and satisfaction and supports the long term sustainability of your business.

A business which meets the requirements, and gains Accreditation, signals to its customers and to the wider industry that it is committed to providing high quality products, services and experiences.

ATAP requires that the business actively documents:
- Compliance with both business and industry specific regulations
- Adherence to industry sector standards and codes of practice
- Risk Management procedures and training
- Business and marketing plans
- Human resource management procedures
- Customer service policy and procedures
- Environmental management policies and procedures
- General maintenance schedules and procedures

The achievement of accreditation through this documentation brings many benefits to businesses such as:
- Improved profitability through the implementation of better operating systems
- Greater customer confidence and satisfaction leading to repeat business
- Increased/improved confidence of retailers and wholesalers both domestic and international
- A signal of a commitment to quality and reliability to your customers
- Demonstrates industry leadership and initiative
- Contributes to a more sustainable and competitive tourism industry for Australia

For a more specific list of the benefits of Tourism Accreditation, click here.

Further Information

What Are the Benefits of Tourism Accreditation? What Are the Benefits of Tourism Accreditation? (395 KB)