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TTC 2015

The Benefits of Accreditation

There are many benefits that come from joining the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program:

Operator Benefits

  • Documentation of formal operational and management procedures which can add value and direction to a tourism business. This leads to improved business knowledge, competence, management and predictability;
  • Ability to display the Tourism Accreditation logo on business advertising and marketing;
  • Accredited operators logo recognised and promoted in Government sponsored programs and tourism publications;
  • Facilitate continuous business improvement via an alignment with Total Quality Management principles;
  • Improved ability to meet consumer needs; and
  • Encourages operators to identify strengths and weaknesses of their business.
  • Gain access to exclusive discounts and deals from our industry partners and preferred suppliers

"Going through the Tourism Accreditation Program has been an excellent way to check if our business processes are up to date and effective. We felt that we now know that we are operating in a manner that is proven to be best practice for a tourism operator. The process forced us to look at all aspects of our operations and administration and we now have the ongoing benefit of fully documented administrative and operational procedures and training programs."

Karen Rees, Deputy Director, Premier Travel Tasmania Pty Ltd

Industry Benefits

  • Provides travel retailers and wholesalers with an assurance of professional service;
  • The accreditation logo will be promoted nationally and internationally as a symbol of quality within the tourism industry;
  • Contribute to a more sustainable and competitive tourism industry for Australia;
  • Demonstrates industry leadership and initiative;
  • Self-regulation reduces likelihood of imposed regulation; and
  • An assurance that an operator is committed to quality business practice, professionalism, and deliver what they promise.

"As a small tourist business operator I thought the Accreditation process was going to be daunting but I must admit it was a very hands on process and there were plenty of online tools to help when I was not sure of how to approach certain questions. It made me think about areas of my business that I may not have had in place correctly and helped with in areas needed to tackle first such as obtaining the necessary licences and permits."

Vicki McBride, Owner/Operator, Tasmania I Drive

Consumer & Other Benefits

Provides consumers with an assurance of:
  • An appropriately Licensed Operator;
  • Accuracy in Advertising;
  • A Commitment to Quality; and
  • Professional Customer Service.

The Australian Tourism Accreditation Program is also an effective business development tool. It aids in the development of effective business procedures to ensure that your business operates effectively and efficiently.

Further Information

Australian Tourism Accreditation Program Registration Kit Australian Tourism Accreditation Program Registration Kit (227 KB)

TICT Accredited Tourism Operators Handbook TICT Accredited Tourism Operators Handbook (3242 KB)