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Customer Feedback

The TICT provides customer survey forms, and conducts online surveys for visitors to rate their experience of tourism accredited businesses. We collect customer feedback on behalf of accredited operators for the purpose of maintaining and improving standards across the industry.

The TICT receives over 3000 customer feedback forms per annum. Approximately 98% of forms received contain positive comments, which indicate that visitor satisfaction is very strong (see reports below).

Customer survey forms provide the TICT and accredited tourism operators with valuable feedback about the visitors experience, and offer visitors an independent avenue to provide feedback to accredited tourism businesses. In addition, visitors may use the survey form to nominate a tourism accredited business for a People's Choice Award, which recognises businesses that have excelled in their commitment to professionalism and superior customer service.

Supplies of customer survey forms are provided to tourism businesses by the TICT once they achieve accreditation. If you require additional supplies, please contact us.

Complaint Handling Process

The TICT welcomes, and relies on, customer feedback relating to accredited businesses. It is a fundamental process that ensures compliance and contributes to the success of the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program.

The TICT has a variety of methods to ensure that an accredited business continues to demonstrate a commitment to the standards of the accreditation program. These methods include a review of their business procedures, including a site inspection every two years, a mystery shop program and a quality improvement request procedure.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or comments regarding feedback processes.