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TICT Submission to Asian Century Paper 2012

TICT welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the development of a ‘white paper’ on Tasmania’s place in the Asian Century.

Tourism and the promotion of Tasmania as a visitor destination will be a major driver in Tasmania’s engagement in Asia. Tourism is Tasmania’s largest service‐based export industry, and the value of inbound visitation from Asia to Tasmania is projected to grow significantly over the coming decade. Already the Chinese market is the fastest growing international visitor market to Tasmania, and projected to double in visitor numbers by 2020, while other emerging Asian markets including Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, as well as India, are all projected to increase in visitor engagement to Tasmania.

Our submission therefore explores two key issues to be considered in the broader context of the Tasmania’s long‐term engagement in Asia.

  1. The projected growth in Asian visitor markets over coming years will create new opportunities and challenges for our industry; and
  2. The fundamental role tourism play in building the Tasmanian brand in Asian markets, and the emerging opportunity to engage tourism‐related activities with other sectors of the Tasmanian economy entering these markets.

TICT Submission to Asian Century Paper TICT Submission to Asian Century Paper (227 KB)

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