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Tasmanian Tourism Awards

2016 Tasmanian Tourism Awards - Important Changes

There are some important changes for 2016 that all entrants must ensure they are aware of:

  1. CATEGORY QUESTIONS – Please ensure that you that you download the new 2016 Category Questions & 2016 Summary of Changes. It is strongly recommended that you attend one of the 2016 Entrant Workshops during which there will be discussion and tips on how to answer each of the sections and their questions.
  2. CATEGORY DELETIONS IN 2016 – There have been the following category deletions at a National level:
    1. Qantas Awards for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Category will no longer be included in the Awards.
  3. CATEGORY CHANGES IN 2016 – Qantas will be sponsoring the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Tourism category and will now be titled Qantas Award for Aboriginal & Torres Islander Tourism. The Tasmanian state winner will receive a $2,000.00 incentive from Qantas and the National winner will receive $25,000.00
  4. COMPULSORY ACCREDITATION – Starting in 2015, entrants to the Tasmanian Tourism Awards must be accredited to enter (ie AAA Tourism, ATAP, Ecotourism Australia, CIAA or similar). The categories exempt from having to be accredited are 3, 4, 14, 15, 16 & 24. Please have your Accreditation number and type details ready for when you nominate.
  5. COST – $180 per entry (inc GST), this price includes a number of valuable entrant support services.
  6. NEW TIMELINE – Take note of all the Important Dates for 2016, especially the nomination, submission and entrant support dates which have changed in timing to that of 2015.
  7. REGISTRATION FOR ENTRANT SUPPORT – This year we are continuing with the opportunity for entrants to engage in Entrant Workshops, Entrant Mentoring as part of their entry fee. There is also going to be a special Conference Workshop on Wednesday 11 May as part of the Tasmanian Tourism Conference called "Entering the Tourism Awards – Why the Biggest Prize Isn’t Always the Gold". Please ensure you register your interest in each of these options so that we can allocate you space in advance.
  8. SITE VISITS – This year site visits will occur after the submission of your entry sometime between Saturday 27 August and Thursday 15 September, 2016. It is very important that you make yourself available during these dates. If there are any issues with any of the dates within this timeframe, please urgently notify the Awards Coordinator at